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Because parenting miniature versions of you is a profession in itself. Use this digital cut file adorn your favorite Striped Swallow Designs pattern, simple tees and hoodies, tote bags, car decals, coffeeThe greater striped swallow is common, unafraid of humans, and has benefited from the availability of nest sites around habitation. It feeds mainly on flying insects, but has been known to eat small fruits. It is a bird of dry open country, such as grassland, and has a preference for hills and mountains. striped swallow angel

Mar 11, 2017 The Japanese Swallowtail Angelfish is a true beauty to behold. Males are gorgeous with irregular vertical bars on the upper body, masklike yellow markings on the head and face which extend into a stripe on the midbody, and yellow spots on the dorsal and tail fins.

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The Lamarck's Angelfish is is an omnivore. but lIke all the Swallowtail Angelfish from the Genicanthus genus, they are zooplanktivores in the wild, meaning they eat tiny critters that float freely in the water column. In captivity they will feed on meaty foods along with some diatoms and algae in the tank. striped swallow angel

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