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Aug 09, 2008  Evangeline and Noelle are both beautiful names. However, the ending of Evangeline and the beginning of Noelle run together. Sounds like Evangelinoelle. Why don't you tryOct 07, 2011 Evangeline (EEVANJEHLEEN) I like it but wouldn't name my child it, purely because I prefer more unique names. It's a name used in 'The Princess and the Frog' and we love that movie: ) Love the name Eve or Evie as a nickname you can also use the nick name Angel: ) the name evangeline yahoo

May 25, 2008  Yahoo 7 Answers Sign in Mail What is a good nickname for the name ophelia and the name evangeline? 2 following. 14 answers 14. Report Abuse. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Evangeline: Angel, Eva, Eve, Lena, Gill (pronounced like Jill), Annie, and Ann

Mar 26, 2009  Best Answer: Evangeline is a beautiful name! My favorite middle for it is Ruth, though Maeve works as well. Though you've said the SSA data doesn't seem to be accurate to where you live, I'm sure you've checked the website and seen that it is on the rise. It Jun 11, 2011  It's alright, I like the nickname Evie (that's what I'd nickname a baby named Evangeline) but I'd rather name my kid Eva or Evelyn and use that nickname. Evangeline is athe name evangeline yahoo Aug 02, 2012 Best Answer: It's beautiful! Lily is such a pretty, girly name and all girls want to be named after a beautiful flower. Evangeline is also lovely and sounds almost princess like! The whole name flows really well. Perfect. Good luck: )

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Sep 14, 2011  Evangeline is quickly becoming one of my top names and I love it! I think it sounds beautiful and feminine! It might be too overthetop though, I'm not sure. My boyfriend doesn't like the fact it sounds like Evangelical church. So wdyt? : ) Also, what are some good middle names the name evangeline yahoo Jan 26, 2010 How do you pronounce Genevieve and Evangeline? OK, so Ive always really loved the name Genevieve, and for awhile was considering it as a middle name for Clara. This was when I thought the pronunciation was fairly obvious. Jul 19, 2012  Best Answer: Wow! Your so lucky your husband has such an amazing naming style. My boyfriend has his heart set on a name like Riley for a little girl, which I hate. Anyways, Evangeline is so sweet. I imagine just the sweetest little girl with this name, so gorgeous! Just think, its Jun 15, 2013 Best Answer: i think the middle name should have a good meaning like Evangeline does. (Evangeline means like an angel or angelic . Evangeline Helen (most beautiful angel in the world) Evangeline Alayna (angelic beauty) Evangeline Lily (the lily represents innocence, purity and beauty. . and plus, they sound Sep 05, 2008 Or my dad's confirmation name and brother's first name is Michael, and I like the name Mitchell, which is close. I don't think you need to use the person's exact name to honor a person. Try to find variations of family names. If you give me some examples I can try to help out. Some suggestions for middle names: Evangeline Mae Evangeline Lorraine

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